29 May 2006

Private Garden

The tiny blossoms
Japanese Beautyberry
Minute perfection

Reminds me of love
All that you put into it
Results in flowers

Small but powerful
Love is always all around
The tiniest buds

28 May 2006

27 May 2006

A Test

i dont' acee about spelling

i do'tn care about spelling

idont'et acfe aobuer spelling

idont'care about spelling

i don't care about spelling

i dont' aare about spelling

i don't aare about spelling

i odnt'a coare amaelpell

i dont' asare about aleja


23 May 2006


now you got me thinking
all about art
and how it works
and how it fits

and nothing gets me
inside my own head
like thinking
about art

or about love

i mean shit
i am just reminded
of how much there is still
to do

on both accounts

22 May 2006

19 May 2006

The Hard Haiku

Completeness is hard
love is 'bout impossible
two and two make one

when your skin fits you
keep it hold it closely so
never letting go

once in a lifetime
when life is brutally short
take all that you need

against unfair odds
against rhyme or sage advice
sometimes right is right

Thank God It's Tuesday

Of breath and beating hearts
Brains and skin and warmth
Nervous and silly

Reflections in pupils
First time realizations
Instant synchronization

Desires exponential

Run very far away
Because this now yours
Keep close and safe

Coffee spilt
Glasses crushed
Laughter eternal


17 May 2006

Message from God

So, I now remember this time
when god stopped by
to tell me about my life

I was just a kid
but I remember
clearly now

God told me that I'd always be alone
it wasn't a threat but head's up
"set your will in concrete"

Born alone
self-reliant but too far inside the mind
questions of self and the merits of others

Live alone
gifts received and taken away
to embrace the moments of bliss

Die alone
leaving behind traces hints & glimpses
pulling and tearing at vital organs

A curse and a blessing
Reality is just the way it is
nothing really special, said god

15 May 2006


At the crossroads
the devil makes an offer
reward for soul

At the crossroads
we make choices
for better or best

At the crossroads
we can live
or we can die

13 May 2006

10 May 2006

05 May 2006

Without Fears

It's Still Spring

A place in the heart
And a map in the mind
It still remains spring
But all of the time

Warm also cool
N'er hot n'er cold
Looking sans touching
E'er so bad and so bold

Needing not wanting
In place or in thought
Suffice it to say
What nature has wrought

Not good never bad
The way it's become
For better or worse
When two equals one

02 May 2006

Everything I Like is Dangerous

Everything I Like is Dangerous

In elevators
Around corners
With strangers
Knowing glances across crowded rooms

But powerful expressions
Of affectionate passion
And neediness
Love is strange; lovers stranger

A precious commodity
Unlimitedly vast
But restricted nonetheless
Infinitely finite in death and life

Mighty conquerors
Insanely blind to all but ghosts
Senses in overload
Pleasantly surprised all over again