31 July 2006

The Battle of Ideas

Channeling Rieff channeling Sontag
Theories of cultures anew
We have become the prophets of anti-culture

Of new paradigms regarding morality
Third culture social radicalism
And the gospel of self-fulfillment

As the clerisy we decree
[Fundamentalist pessimism
Versus utopian fantasy] revolutions

When, for the intelligentsia
Everything is the battle of ideas
With futures at stake

29 July 2006

27 July 2006

24 July 2006

23 July 2006

JoAnn and the Faith-based Gang Stuff

In Seven Parts

Puff blow bottleneck
Stop start retreat
Planning for systematic assimilation
And order to:
- Process necessary
- To the advancement
- Of the Empire

Someday, America
You might grow into
That huge set of tits
You have – you scamp you

Plague or plaque
It's all the same
Nuisances in need of
Tamping for success

Nothing to see
Nothing to hear
Thoughts stifling
Personal space buffer

Breaking up
Calming down
Do my dance
Like a clown (all around)

Stuck on a plane
But still on the ground
Rocking the headphones
But cannot hear a sound

7:16 on 7.21
As long as power
Holds out I’ll be
Okay – but once
All hell
From St. Chaos will

Wondering if I have
Finally defined myself

Only you can decide
What you want to be
They say

Wondering if I have
Finally exhausted myself

18 July 2006

From a Father

When I imagine
That I wear your father's shoes
And I ponder you

From perspectives mine
What will my daughter become
When she's all grown up

Sad lonely bummed-out
Feeling behind in her life
Or ahead of curves

Living for herself
Or, fitting in to cultures
I'll always be proud

16 July 2006

14 July 2006

Busted Karma

They say it takes one year
To completely settle in
Active is not equal to
“Activated” however

Road trip to hell(s)
All the guilty pleasures
And hard-ass realities

Borrowing heavily from
Future accounts; reserves for babies
and used books and, as such,
We live entirely human lives

Trips overdue
Meetings unscheduled yet
Bitched-out via technologies highest

Off to the girly bars
For the girliest of cocktails
And friendship(s) continued

Jesus holy our God in heaven
[In The Name of God
The Most Gracious
The Most Merciful]

Pleasures as compliment
To all of our pains
Breathing in chords – harmonies incessant

We accept our fate
We oppose our fear
We do our thing
And shed no tear

Rules that no longer
Govern behaviors
Nor attitudes
Paradigms shifted

06 July 2006

Red State Blue

Minimizing Minimalism

Oddly introspective – even more than usual
Slightly detached from today’s tasks at hand
Dreaming of the past
Longing for the future
In possession of everything but
Feeling so empty and lonely in some ways

Simplicity is best
Necessity dictates reductions
Less is most of all
Minimizing minimalism
With freedoms comes peace of mind
As if I ever gave a damn

Leapfrogging paradigms
And people in the process
Mitigating risks personal and professional
Partnerships of convenience
And business acumen
Refreshed after two weeks in Lebanon

05 July 2006

Ed Steichen at 62

Synapses fraying (frayed)
Willing myself toward dying without effect
Brain packed like sardines

In need of a fix for
Instant gratifications again
Pouring when raining in here

“I don’t want you looking into my brain” – it’s like an
Echelon of Grumman Avengers –
Helldivers returning from Guam

Unchecked progress
Revulsions toward war
Our arsenal of democracy

Captain Ed Steichen at 62
The superior life is not the good life
A great example of mental illnesses

Me (follow the clues)
Me (they are fairly simple to follow)
Me myself and Ty

Forget Me Not

04 July 2006

That Face

It's that face
That motherfucking face
Cannot get it out of my head

Like Heroin, like cocaine, like sex
See it with eyes closed

From crown to chin
It's that face
That sweet angelic face

Like love, like hope, like life
See it with eyes closed

And The More I Consider

and the more i consider it
the more it makes perfect sense
and terrifies to nths

but you have to think execution
to achieve execution

lazy, crazy, afraid, cautious

and the more i consider it
the more it appears to be
the only answer

and the pursuit of happiness
on independence day