31 October 2006

29 October 2006

Things I Love

Precision Diving
Reciprocation with you
The joys of pleasure

All anew again
Experimentation zone
The loves a treasure

Backing and forthing
Deleting all paradigms
Smells exchange leisure



28 October 2006

The Difficulty

It is easier to choose ease
Over difficulty

The difficulty comes easy
Fast and furious

Exacerbated by the temptations
Related to the pursuit

Of happiness and pleasures
Or just simple joys

Juggling while balancing
Over jagged metaphors

Nothing unique or special
Paradigms of clich├ęs


25 October 2006

22 October 2006


Good for the soul
the spirit and the mind

Good for the body
the loins and the system

Want versus need
Desire and greed

We need what we need
Since "we're only human"

We take what we get
If it is only some at a time

Alas desire transcends
Never this nor that

But packages together
Make us whole

Goodness is goodness
In whatever dose(es) available

18 October 2006

17 October 2006

O October (v.04 edit)

It happens every year
Here in the east

October - How I hate thee
Dark. Confining. The approaching despair
Waning light - Waxing night
The crunching underfoot

Sadness and depression
Sliding, sliding toward
Winter's doom
Productivity of heart diminish

O October
My October


15 October 2006

05 October 2006


when i dream of you
you are always my friend
my lover
my spirit

when i dream of you
i'm always laughing

when i dream of you
i long to awake
to see you and hear you
make you smile

when i'm with you
when i'm awake
it's just like
my dreams

03 October 2006