07 December 2007

Smells of America

Objects of desire (are)
Perversions of the mind

Of friendships past
Selective re-connections
with all the perverse
logic of killing at wartime

Our newest buzzword:
(oh, so fucking what?)
But, I am a gentleman (and not a spy)

Diverse populations of seekers
"Charismatic" in that Pentecostal way
Creating cultures
Driven without purpose, without market

In truth
This religion smells of America

The good die young
it's said
And, captains
go down with ships

Tubes! Tubes of joy!
By definition
Humankind at its elemental core
With all energies of the pirates

It only happens when made
For those optimized for success

Bend to my doctrine
Fold to my will
Succumb to my plans
Do as you are told

I am jamming your signals
And controlling your TeeVees