21 July 2008

To Be Continued

...continues in Book Four.

Honey, You Look A Bit Distant Today

Beautiful evening gown or straight jacket? Glass half-full or half-empty? There are answers.


And the answers are as playful as they are heartbreaking dependent upon the context you bring into Lisa Rae Winant world. Winant of New Hampshire says of her portraits, "...the human characters seem indifferent to their presence. They are preoccupied with deeper matters of heart and mind." Really? I thought it was me.

Winant's paintings are like single-cell motion pictures played in an empty theater. On a Tuesday afternoon. She depicts only the bare necessities of form, scene, and character. Unfortunately for me Mind Less #2 (pictured) is sold. Else, I couldn't afford it.

Signs of Intelligent Life

Humans have been looking for signs of alien life since like forever. We've evolved into calling it "intelligent life." We imagine what it would look, sound like, and feel like. In the movies our poor, rural galaxy cousins usually look a lot like us, and speak better English than we do. But, sometimes, like car keys or sunglasses, we're just looking in the wrong place. Sofa cushions.


It was under the sofa cushions! I don't know what to call it but Jamie Guggino calls it Awkwardist text and here it is for hours and days and eons of your enjoyment, pleasure, and bafflement. Stop judging.

Jamie's St. Ætheldrytha's weaker (?) blog is brimming with years of...years of, uh... Well, if you figure it out, send me a note because I have no damn idea (and I know him).

Here's an obligatory post sample:

Bruegelday = fishfeet

scarer of finite Lozenges™
th cheating Dystrophes of the Child wren. stay away w/ me, Miss Puaymó.

Yes, th Smaftil saga, it enriches us — THIS IS TH RRAST parety • i grip Prapacity at an alarming rate, who wouldn't? Choven clarity for cofounders Alike!!


Yep. Careful them gardwitz!